I was born, raised, and musically educated in NYC. I’ve been playing trumpet professionally since 1984. I’ve been singing most of my life and finally decided to use my voice on my own production.

My background is mostly latin music. I come from a musical family. My mom and grandpa were both professional guitarists and bassists. I was introduced to the latin music business early on and started performing at 14 years old and started touring with bands around the world at 18.

I have either performed with, worked with, toured with, jammed with, shared the stage with and/or been in the presence and learned from some of the most iconic artists, musicians and bands in the world including Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis, Prince, Eric Clapton, musicians and artists from the Fania All-Stars, just to name a few.

I have been a side man, band member, arranger, composer, and studio musician for hundreds of other artists for most of my career and I am now starting a new journey as a solo artist with my new musical production Clave Con Blue. 🙏🏽

Thank you for being here.

– Richie Viruet